Why we Love Drumming

Why do we love drumming? When you go to a concert, usually it is loud and pounding. But, combined with the droves of sweaty fans, the loud music, and the atmosphere, there is nothing quite like that experience. Concerts draw you in, and make you feel excited. One constant throughout most concerts, are the drums. They pound and pound, and you can feel them no matter where you are in the building. But, what makes the drums so addictive and attractive to people? Is it true that women really do love the drummer?

Next to the voice, drums are the world’s oldest instrument. Early drummers are said to have hollowed out dried gourds, and placed some type of animal skin over the top to create early drums. These drums usually served as a very early communication system. If one tribe or group of people wished to communicate over long distances, they would beat a drum, which would be heard by the other group, and a message would be sent. Since drums are such an old instrument and part of our evolutionary past, current humans may feel that same connection with them. We’ve loved them ever since we were cavemen, and we love them now. To learn more about the history of drums, along with other great articles, head to www.thenewdrummer.com

The drums makes up the core sound of any ensemble or group. Mainly because the drums creates a foundation of pulse that carries throughout a piece. While there are some styles of music that are without percussion or a consistent tempo or time, most styles of music contain a general pulse. This pulse carries throughout any song, and is what makes people bob their heads along to the music. The drum’s main duty is to carry and emphasize that pulse to aid the listener in feeling the music in a better way. Since this pulse is so foundational to everything we listen to, we grow an affection for the drums. Drumming is the reason we can dance and move around to the music we love.

Lastly, drums are a very primal instrument. Few instruments require hitting them very hard to make any sorts of sounds. Drums are amazing for alleviating stress, and burning calories. At the end of a concert, the drummer will usually be covered in sweat since they have been playing so hard. Everyone loves watching the drummer. Arms are flailing, hair is flying everywhere, it can be quite a spectacle.

No matter what you listen to, it cannot be denied that the drums are a huge part of music. We love it because it’s part of us. Everything we do has rhythm. Our heart beats in time, we walk at a certain pace, and we tap our toes to the music we listen to. Whatever your reason, we can all agree that we love the drums. I mean, who doesn’t?

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